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Hotel Philoxenia


The Philoxenia Hotel is located in Keramoti, on the coast road, in the opposite of the port of Keramoti. The hotel is a two-star hotel with 12 rooms (30 beds) with breakfast and opens all year round. The hotel was built in 2000 and combines traditional hospitality with modern service concept, to make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The hotel's restaurant Philoxenia is located in an elevated terrace overlooking the harbor Keramoti overlooking the sea. In a classic, stylish environment you can enjoy fresh fish of all types, selection of seafood, meat, pasta, pizza, traditional dishes and appetizers for ouzo, fried cheese and much more.

Overnight tax: Due to an decision of the Greek government an overnight tax is due from 01.01.2018 onwards. The tax has to be paid directly at the hotel upon arrival or departure. The tax amount is depending on the official category as well the kind of accommodation and not the category of the tour operator.

  • For 1 and 2 stars hotels/accommodations the tax is EUR 0,50 per room/night.
  • For 3 stars hotels/accommodations the tax is EUR 1,50 per room/night.
  • For 4 stars hotels/accommodations the tax is EUR 3,00 per room/night.
  • For 5 stars hotels/accommodations the tax is EUR 4,00 per room/night.

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Chrisula Awramidou
Pavloy Mela 17,
P.O. 64004 Thasos
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +30 2593112052
Fax: +30 2593112052
Mobile 1: +30 6948173879
Mobile 2: +30 6942524337


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