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Biking Nestos Delta

A bike tour in lush vegetation along the eastern bank of the Nestos river. While the bikes move silently through the huge tunnels formed by trees, accompanies you the sound of the song of thousands of birds.

Number of participants: 
4-30 people


At the base station of the village Toxotes your experienced guide awaits you and you will get the necessary equipment. Departure to the village Krynos where you start your bike tour along the eastern bank of the Nestos river.
The route offers a varied landscape with beautiful natural beaches surrounded by dense trees. The sun disappears over the by trees formed huge tunnels, offering unique motives for every nature lover in this legendary forest.
Halfway enjoy your picnic in this original nature before you follow again the route towards the sea.
In the eternal cycle of water the Nestos fulfills here his destiny by flowing in the northern Aegean, emphasized by the wonderful long sandy beach.
The return trip to Toxotes will be done by car, jeep or minibus (in price included) through the Muslim villages of the municipality Topiros.

Total duration: 
5-6 hours

Bike Tour: 
3 hours


  •  Complete equipment
  •  Experienced guide with excellent local knowledge

  •  Picnic (sandwich, fruit, coffee, tea, water)
  •  Transfers - can be arranged on request

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