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Thasos - with culinary delights

The Greek cuisine can look back on a long tradition. Already in ancient Greece items were founded that still characterize the Greek cuisine: a lot of vegetables and fish, and especially methods of preparation, in which the basic products are at the forefront, particularly opulent preparations or seasonings are so frowned upon. Texts of Hesiod or Homer prove that olives, wine, pomegranate; fig and quince over two thousand years ago determined the diet. The tradition of meze, small, varied dishes that are classic accompaniment to ouzo and wine today, was even then maintained in a somewhat modified form.

Typical of menus on Thasos are stews and vegetable dishes in different variations, for example, with eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, zucchini or chickpeas. In mountain villages such as Theologos, Kazaviti, Panagia and Maries can taste especially lamb and goat specialties. For breakfast you can enjoy Greek yogurt with thasian honey and of course fresh fruit from the island. Come with us on a culinary tour and be inspired by the unique nature of the island!


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This program can be combined  with each of our hotels on the island of Thasos (see Accommodation Thasos).


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Day 1: Arrival at Kavala or Thessaloniki Airport

Transfer to the port Keramoti and by ferry boat the Island of Thasos. Transfer to the hotel. Welcome meeting followed by dinner.

Transfer to the port Keramoti from Thessaloniki airport about 3 hours.

Transfer to the port Keramoti from Kavala airport about 15 minutes.

Duration time of the ferry approx 40 minutes.

Day 2: Kazaviti - The villages from the pirate’s time

The trailhead is at the village Prinos. Here you can visit the traditional market of the island and have the possibility to enjoy the riot of color of the flowers and vegetables, and to learn more in a small herbalism.

Up to the mountains you will reach Kazaviti. In order to hide from pirates who threatened locals founded here a large and a small village. Like a bird's nest the houses hanging between plane and walnut trees on the hillside. At the beautiful “Platia” (village square) you can enjoy the silence after the market by a Greek coffee. The round walk in Kazaviti is an interesting historical research. The unique architecture of the island is still at its liveliest. After the walk we will enjoy local specialties in a family run tavern with fantastic view over the valley and the sea.

Total duration: Approx 6-7 hours | Walk: Approx 1 hours + market walk

Day 3: On goat paths to the mountain village Theologos and traditional farm visit

You will start you walk at the settlement Dipotama, about 5 km from Theologos.

From there you walk beneath the plane trees along on natural hiking trails through beautiful forests until after Theologos. It offers fantastic views of the pristine nature of the environment.

Once in the mountain village of Theologos you will visit the Church Agios Dimitrios built in 1803, which is one of the nicest on the island. A stone path is leading you to the old stone bridge from 1918. On the way back we will visit the traditional shoemaker in the village before continuing to walk to the old watermill. The owners family is leading a farm with animals and organically grown vegetables. Visiting the farm you will learn about the cultivation and use of food including dinner in the family-owned tavern in beautiful natural surroundings and the shade of plane trees.

Total time: Approx 6-7 hours | Walk: Approx 3-4 hours

Day 4: Walking with Greek flavor

On this tour you will gain insight into the Greek way of life, learn to know local food and enjoy walking the beautiful, yet unspoiled landscape of the island with beautiful views.

You will start from the “Platia” (town square) in the mountain village of Panagia. Visit of the traditional olive press “Sotirelli”. After the tour it goes uphill to St. Mary's Church and continues until you leave the village behind. On the way you pass the chapel of Agios Panteleimonas and Agios Athanasios. At the chapel of Agios Panteleimonas you can enjoy the picnic prepared by your guide with Greek products. The road is lined by shady deciduous trees and pines. There have repeatedly fantastic views of the valley, Limenas and on the mainland. Farther down dip between the olive trees on the first houses. In the marble quarry before Limenas you can visit the snow-white, world famous marble of the island. The walk ends at the picturesque old harbor. In the old shipyard (now a cafe/meze restaurant) you can enjoy a fantastic view of the sea by a typical Greek meze (small plates with different Greek appetizers). Subsequently it is possible to visit the archaeological excavations or to go for a stroll in the pedestrian streets of Limenas.

Total time: Approx 6-7 hours | Walk: Approx 3 hours

Day 5: Free

Day 6: Aliki - Greek cuisine in the south of the island

In a family-owned typical Greek tavern with a fantastic view over the headland of Aliki we will prepare our own Greek menu in the morning. The mummy of the family explained and various Greek ingredients and their processing. After the preparations, you can experience ancient marble quarries and early Christian basilicas at a tour of the headland of Aliki or take a refreshing dive into the water. By In Greek music and stunning view over the sea we enjoy the self-prepared menu. After our break we will continue towards Limenaria. We will vist the stone mason "Kosta". Here you can find real jewels of marble or olive wood and learn more about his work.

Total time: Approx 7 hours | Walk: Approx 1-2 hours

Day 7: A day around the sea with local fish specialties

You can expect a unique trip on the sailing boat. Experience the island of Thasos from a different perspective!

Our trip starts at the marina of the port Limenas or Limenaria; from here we set sail (wind permitting) to the beautiful, partly hidden bays of the island of Thasos (direction dependent on the wind). Your skipper will give you sailing-introductions and you are welcome to take over the control. Try your luck at fishing, and enjoy the air stream and look for dolphins. In the bays you can swim and explore the underwater world with masks and fins (snorkeling). Water sports facilities (ski-Tube). Enjoy a typical Greek fish meze with ouzo.

Total time: Approx 6-7 hours

Day 8: Departure from Kavala or Thessaloniki airport


  •   7 nights with breakfast in a hotel on Thasos Island (with choice) of our program, vegetarian or gluten-free meals possible
  •   English speaking guide
  •   5 day tours as program incl. lunch or typical Greek meze menu
  •   1 picnic with Greek products
  •   1 small cooking course in a Greek tavern
  •   incl. all transfers (to and from Kavala or Thessaloniki airport to Thasos Island/Limenas), incl. ferry tickets
  •   Rental car from/to port of Limenas cat. A (FDW)for the whole stay

  •  personal expenses such as drinks, souvenirs, gratuities etc.
  •  travel insurance
  •  additional expenses in case of sickness, mountain rescue and resulting helicopter costs,
  •  changes of the routes due to force majeure
  •  optional excursions


Added Services

  •  Single room supplement

Additional Information

Equipment list

  •  Travel documents, perhaps driving license
  •  Photocopies of important documents (stored separately from originals)
  •  Day backpack
  •  Food storage box for picnic
  •  Walking shoes with good grip (the shoes have to reach beyond the ankles and have been run well)
  •  1 pair of sport or sneakers or sandals
  •  Windproof and waterproof anorak with hood
  •  Rain pants, shorts for hiking, long trousers
  •  Sweater / jacket, easy care t-shirts, long sleeved shirts or blouses
  •  Women: Skirt that covers the knees or large towel for the church and  monastery visits

  •  Water bottle with at least 1 liter capacity
  •  Sun hat, sunglasses, sunscreen
  •  Insect repellent
  •  Hat, scarf
  •  Photographic equipment, binoculars, battery charger
  •  Pocket knife, lamp
  •  Personal medical supplies
  •  Hiking sticks as a walking assistance (recommendation)
  •  Swimwear / suit / beach shoes

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