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The blue city Kavala and Philippi

On this tour  you will experience Kavala, the blue city of Greece amphitheatrically located on the slopes of the mountain Simvolon and discover Philippi, one of the most ancient archaeological sites in northern Greece.

Number of participants: from just 2 persons with a transfer from/to hotel by request possible


Visit the archaeological site of Philippi and the first Christian baptism site on European soil. In year 49, the apostle Paul founded the first Christian church in Europe in the small Macedonian Philippi place near the present city of Kavala. On the banks of a creek, he baptized a woman named Lydia to the first Christian on European soil. Here you will be baptized until today outdoors.

Discover the history of Greece in Philippi. This town was founded in 361 BC as a mining town and expanded five years later by Macedonian king Philip II and also named after him. Here 42 BC, the Battle of Antony and Octavian against Caesar's assassins Brutus and Cassius took place. Later, the city gained importance as the first Christian community in Europe. Many institutions of public life are still very well preserved, such as the forum and the Acropolis. You will be guided through the archaeological sites and also have the ability alone to look more closely.

The image of Kavala is dominated by a huge aqueduct and the Byzantine castle that overlooks the picturesque old town from the Ottoman era. During a tour of the old town, visit the historic old houses of the "Panagia", as the old Kavala's called. You will visit the church of Agios Nikolaos and the birthplace of Mehmet Ali. Enjoy a typical Greek coffee with an amazing view of the city of Kavala.


Duration: about 5-6 hours/by request, break for lunch (not included)


  •  Experienced guide
  •  Admission to Philippi, Lydia's baptism site in the city of Kavala

  •  Typical Greek coffee

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